We have been working hard at Colorado Camel milk to grow the dairy  since we started this endeavor years ago in effort to be able to provide healing camel milk to more families and individuals in need of the healing benefits.  We have poured every cent we have earned back into the dairy, and used the proceeds from our mobile Petting Zoo and Pony Party to fund more camels,  then the pandemic hit and Pony Express has been shut down. This year we have suffered unimaginable loss of two of our milking camels, Sahara and Blessed, and had a third that rejected her calf which has greatly reduced our production levels. We have camels that will give birth this winter/spring, but we are raising funds to  purchase 5 more camels that we hope to add to the herd in December. 

Any donation, would be greatly appreciated by the family of Camels and Humans at Colorado Camel Milk. We understand times are tough for everyone, and we continue to work diligently every day to increase production, and get our clients milk to them as quickly as we can, all while maintaining a harmonious environment for the camels, and farming our land in order to continue to produce organic hay for our livestock.   


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