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When I was diagnosed with cancer for a second time, I dedicated myself to my research of the disease, spending hours and hours researching concepts I didn’t understand and reading every article in every medical journal that I thought could help. All the information and insights which I gathered over those six months, including how I overcame my battle with cancer, are highlighted and explained in this book. There are far too many people who needlessly lose their lives to cancer. People need to know that cancer is far from a death sentence, and that with the right management of treatment and therapy, even some of the most insurmountable odds can be beaten. Obviously, there will be people that get diagnosed far too late for anything to be done, but for the most part 9.6 million people that lose their lives each year, death could have, and perhaps even should have, been avoided. This book is a valuable resource for all cancer patients and their families on how to manage cancer treatment and what you can do to ensure your survival.