Fresh and Frozen Colostrum. Quantities are limited, and orders will be shipped in the manner they are received. Orders for colostrum are pre sales only, and orders will ship during July - September  2022. $195 per pint.

Camel Milk Colostrum

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  • Camel Milk Colostrum is the milk the camel produces for the first few days of her baby's life, and it is packed with all the things that make camel milk so special in a much more powerful dose.  It is expensive because we never deprive our baby camels thier colostrum and milk, so we only collect a few pints at each birth.  Some none at all. The most important thing for us is the development of our young camels, and the important bond created between mother and baby. Unlike a cow, a camel must have her baby with her in order to produce milk.